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Electric ICE™ RGB Trackball Lighting Upgrade Kit V2.0

Starting at: $36.95
Shipping Weight: 0.60 lbs
Please Choose:
Trackball Size: 3 inch
2.25 inch (-$3.00)   (-0.15 lbs)
Lighting Option: RGB Overdrive™
Red NovaGem Light Source (-$3.00)
Blue NovaGem Light Source (-$3.00)
Yellow NovaGem Light Source (-$3.00)
Green NovaGem Light Source (-$3.00)
White NovaGem Light Source (-$3.00)
None (-$12.00)
  12 Units in Stock
Manufactured by: IDVT Inc.
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3" Version is back in stock! Get yours today!

The new Version 2.0 ball is now included with this product!

Upgrade your dull 3" or 2.25" trackball to the RGB lighting capabilities of the Electric ICE-T™ Deluxe RGB Arcade Trackball.

The following are un-retouched photos straight from the R&D bench in a normally lit room:

And if you want to see the pulsing and color-changing effects possible when used with an LED-Wiz, just download the video HERE. Note: the top part of the case was removed for this video to demonstrate just how powerfully the ball is illuminated by the RGB-OverDrive™ Trackball Lighting Unit. Update: This video was made using a Version 1 ball, but is still indicative of lighting quality.


  • Custom-made 3" or 2.25" Electric Ice™ Ball. Unlike other translucent trackballs the material captures the light instead of acting like a lens. The ball is highly polished. Perfect diffusion of the light and the exact same size and weight as the stock white ball that is normally used. Ultra-high scratch resistance and excellent tracking make this the best illuminated trackball money can buy...bar none.

Lighting Options:

RGB-OverDrive™ lighting unit

Retina-searing light output capability of up to 15 Super-Bright LEDs. (We aren't kidding, don't look straight into this when it's on!)

LED-Wiz™ compatible RGB lighting. Uses only 3 outputs to provide dynamic pulsing and color changing effects. Can also be hardwired to 5v and manually configured for color.

NovaGem™ Light Sources (x3)

The power of 5 super-bright LED's packed into each of 3, single low-heat, small packages. 4' wires included for easy attachment to PC power source. 350ma @5v DC. Each may also be used on a single output of the LED-Wiz™ for dynamic lighting FX, color changing, etc.

All light sources come with mounting hardware.


Only one selected ball size is included per kit. Photo of kit shows V1.0 balls which are no longer being shipped, and is for illustrative purposes only.

Wiring the RGB OverDrive™ lighting module:

There are 4 wires connected to the lighting module. The one marked with red is to be connected to a 5v DC power source. The other wires, in order following the 5v wire are Blue, Green and Red control lines. If you own an LED-Wiz™, these would be connected to 3 outputs of your choosing. Otherwise, to hard wire a specific color, just attach the desired colors control line to ground. This can be done in any combination you desire to achieve one of 7 colors, or small resistors can be added in series to create any color desired.

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This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 02 April, 2006.
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