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GP-Wiz40 MAX USB Compatible Input Interface with Rotary Support

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Manufactured by: IDVT Inc.
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Surface mount component version now shipping. Photos coming soon!

Do you have or plan to someday use mechanical rotary style joysticks? Want to build a standalone panel with a ton of controls? Want to make it hot-swappable?

Or maybe you'd like to add another 40 inputs / rotary joystick capabilities to your KeyWiz™ , GP-Wiz™ or other encoder installation? Want to do it without it costing a fortune?

Introducing the lightning-fast GP-Wiz40™ USB compatible controls interface with integrated Roto-X™ Technology! The GP-Wiz40 includes the most advanced rotary joystick implementation available. Costly specialized interfaces with limited capabilities are no longer required to use mechanical rotary joysticks, thanks to GroovyGameGear's exclusive Roto-X Technology.


  • Super-Fast USB compatible Gamepad functionality. Reports the status of ALL 40 inputs up to 125 times a second!!! Much faster than standard USB Keyboard technology.
  • No limitation on the number of simultaneous button presses and each input has equal priority.
  • Plug and Play HID device. Tested with 98SE, Win2K/XP, Windows 7 and Linux. Will also most likely work with other systems that comply with the the HID specification.
  • Completely bus powered.
  • Common GROUND wiring method. If you see a device with more claimed outputs than it has pins on the chip, it probably uses a messy matrix approach, which can cause ghosting and requires specially paired wiring. The GP-Wiz™ requires only one input wire and a single shared common ground line to any switch, for super simple wiring and troubleshooting.
  • Easy to use industrial quality screw-terminal input connections.
  • Smaller footprint. 1.55" x 4.6" board fits just about anywhere.
  • Includes 6' USB A to B cable, and printed instruction sheet.
Roto-X Specific Features

  • Dual, Independent Rotary control support. The Roto-X™ compatible inputs operate as standard button / joystick inputs until activated by the user. This allows for toggle switches and other "normally active" controls to be used on any of the Roto-X™ capable inputs without issue.
  • User tunable pulse output. Match the Roto-X pulse timings to the application for best performance. This is a purely optional feature, as the default hardware timings have been meticulously tested with the most common applications to insure compatibility "out of the box".
  • Unique Dual-mode Selectabiliy. Standard CW / CCW and exclusive "8-Way" mode. Finally, games with "Front Line-type" controls can be played with a standard rotary joystick!
  • Compatible with any rotary switch with pin quantities in multiples of 3 + Ground. (3, 6, 9, 12, etc.)
  • Fully Buffered. Each rotary has it's own dedicated 20 action circular buffer.
  • Easy to use Software. May be used interactively (as shown below) or silently via the command line. (Click Screenshot to Download)

The following command-line parameters can be used as well (useful for automatic configuration at startup, as well as "on-the-fly" reconfiguration through a front end application.)

/ON x

Indicates an ON time of x

/OFF x

Indicates an OFF time of x

/R1 x

Sets the function style of Rotary 1 where if x=1 then it functions as a regular rotary, and if x=2 then it functions in the alternate mode for games like "Front-Line".

/R2 x

Sets the function style of Rotary 2 where if x=1 then it functions as a regular rotary, and if x=2 then it functions in the alternate mode for games like "Front-Line".

Note: Excellent free 3rd party software is available to allow this interface to send keypresses for use with admin and front-end applications when necessary.

Optional Pro Wiring Set Info:

GroovyGameGear now makes it simpler than ever to wire your control panel. No need to give up the security of industrial quality screw-down connections just to make things simple. The hard work is already done for you! Each wire set includes 10 pre-stripped, tinned and pre-assembled 24" long, 22ga. wires and 1 pre-assembled ~84" Ground chain with 10 connectors spaced roughly 6" apart. These wires are ready to install and make panel wiring fast and simple. The extra length wiring over other similar kits allows for more layout flexibility, and can be used with no modification, or easily be trimmed down for a perfect fit. Each set is the equivalent of 20 fully insulated connectors, ~26' of 22ga. wire. and about 30 minutes of labor. With up to 40 switches needing wiring for each interface, it's not difficult to see the value, in both time and cost, these kits can offer.

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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 13 January, 2006.
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