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NovaMatrix LINX 2™ LED Marquee Light

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Optional Wiring: Drive Cable Power Splitter (+$3.49)   (+0.1 lbs)
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Manufactured by: IDVT Inc.
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Even more of the same high quality LED's at a new lower price!  

This one was born out of pure frustration. The original marquee light sockets and wiring in my cabinet were shot, so I needed a replacement. Just as well, as the tubes weren't inexpensive nor especially easy to find. That cheap fluorescent fixture at the home store seemed like a great idea at the time. Sure it was pain to install; bulky plastic case, fat 110v cord and plug needed to be fed around components in the cabinet and a vacant spot on the power strip was required. But the work was done and everything was fine....until a few months later when the thing just died. I don't know why, maybe because I leave it on all of the time or maybe due to the heat that builds up in that small area, but nonetheless, it no longer worked. So I bought another and went through the same tiresome steps of installing it. Just a few short months later, the tube blew. Figuring this was the weak link, I considered buying a quality tube. It would cost only a dollar less than a new fixture with a tube included. But I bought it anyway, hoping for the best...3 months later the second fixture started blinking like it had gone mad and wouldn't stop until I finally pulled the plug. Months passed. I could no longer endure the dead stare of the dark marquee....something needed to be done.

Enter the NovaMatrix LINX 2™ LED Marquee Light.


  • Incredibly Bright - Each set of 5 "LINX" includes 25 intensely high output, wide-angle, "cool white" LEDs. More "LINX" can be added for even more brightness!
  • Low Voltage - 12v operation means that the marquee light may be connected directly to your PC power supply for simple "auto-on" operation .
  • Long Life - LEDs are rated at up to 100,000 hours of "on" time. That's up to 10 years longer than conventional lighting!
  • Low Operating Costs - Reduce your carbon footprint by 1/1500 and stave off the end of the world by several milliseconds for every fluorescent you replace!*
  • Small and Lightweight - Can be mounted in the smallest of marquee areas, or stretched out up to 27" long and arranged for optimal light coverage. Extra "LINX" (5 LEDs per) can be purchased to provide just the right amount of brightness and coverage for any given area. Can be mounted just about anywhere (screws included for wood mounting) and on virtually any surface. Optimal distance from marquee is 6" to 14".
  • No standoffs are necessary. Each "LINX" has it's own housing with integrated mounting tabs, heavy-duty double-sided polyfoam adhesive tape and the LED's are fully protected from moisture and dust.

Examples showing old version without and with marquee in place. Current version allows for better distribution to eliminate dark areas at edges, and includes nine more LEDs at a lower price!

12v DC, 50ma per LINX module

Wiring Harness Specifications:

Molex-style power splitter harness allows the user to simply and easily tap into the 12v supply from a PC power supply drive connection for wiring to the NovaMatrix Marquee light. It also provide connections for a 5v tap for possible use with button lighting, etc.

Includes: One Female and one Male drive power connection, with 4 fully insulated.187" Female QD connections as follows: (1) +12v DC, (1) +5v DC, (2) GROUND. Also includes four Male insulated .187" QDs for you to crimp on your wiring.

* Disclaimer: The NovaMatrix™ may not actually stave off the end of the world by the time specified, but you probably won't know one way or the other.
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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 31 July, 2007.
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