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GP-Wiz49 Eco 49-Way Joystick USB Compatible Interface

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Manufactured by: IDVT Inc.
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IT'S BACK! And now on our larger surface mount PCB design (photo coming soon!)

Due to popular demand, we have decided to make the classic, and first ever digitally restricted joystick interface available once more. One of our competitors may have "borrowed" the idea for one of their joysticks, but they can't reproduce the incredible classic arcade feel of the rubber grommet-centered 49-way, or the hassle-free operation of it's optical switching.

The GP-Wiz49 with DRS Technology (Digital Restrictor Selection(tm) ) is the ultimate solution for using a 49-way joystick on a PC and includes 23 additional digital inputs for use with other controls. 5 of the 23 buttons can also be "shifted" to make dual purpose buttons.

DRS Technology(tm) allows a single 49-way Joystick to take the place of dedicated 8-way, 4-way, Diagonal and 2-way joysticks. A special 16-Way mode has also been included.

DRS Technology doesn't require special drivers or config files.

The joystick mode can be selected at any time. Just hold the Joystick Mode button
and press the button associated with the desired mode of operation.

Available modes are:

  • Raw49 - Normal 49-way operation.
  • Progressive49 - Allows for finer 49-way control
  • 8way DRS - Restricts joystick output to Vertical, Horizontal and Diagonal directions.
  • Enhanced 4way DRS - Restricts joystick output to Vertical and Horizontal directions withtiny hidden diagonals. This makes 4-way games play great, while allowing multi-scene games, like TRON, to get the benefit of diagonals only when the player intends it.
  • PURE Diagonal DRS - Restricts joystick output to Diagonal directions only.
  • QUICK 2wayH DRS - Restricts joystick output to Horizontal directions only, with a minimum of travel.
  • QUICK 2wayV DRS - Restricts joystick output to Vertical directions only, with a minimum of travel.
  • 16way DRS - Restricts joystick output to Vertical, Horizontal and Diagonal directions, plus directions in-between.

Additional Features:

  • Auto Detection and operation with both Midway/Atari/Happ and Williams* 49-way joysticks.
  • 23 additional inputs, including 5 that are "shiftable", for conventional Joysticks, buttons or similar switch based devices. (in Manual and Software Modes. Rotary Switch/Jumper mode disables "Shift-mode" buttons and provides 15 usable buttons)
  • Fully compatible with software with Joystick or Gamepad support
  • 3 modes of operation.
    • Software Switching w/Automation Capabilities (application available for download)
    • Manual Switching via Button combos
    • Rotary Switch/Jumper mode
  • Easy to solder! New larger PCB with widely spaced, and large through-holes for connecting wires.
  • Super-Fast USB compatible Gamepad functionality. Reports the status of ALL inputs 125 times a second!!! Much faster than standard USB Keyboard technology.
  • No limitation on the number of simultaneous button presses and each input has equal priority.
  • Unique Device Names and ID numbers for multiple unit installations on the same computer. Devices show up as GPWiz49, GPWiz49-2, GPWiz49-3 and GPWiz49-4 (respectively) in the "Gaming Options" dialog.
  • Plug and Play HID compatible device. Tested with 98SE, Win2K/XP, Vista and Windows7. Will most likely work with other systems that comply with the the HID specification..
  • Completely bus powered.
  • Common GROUND wiring method. Only one input wire and a shared ground line to each switch.
  • Small footprint.


  • GP-Wiz49 MAX Interface Board
  • 6' USB Cable
  • Printed Doc Sheet

Support software may be downloaded from here.

Installation instructions PDF may be downloaded from here.

Note: Excellent free 3rd party software is available to allow this interface to send keypresses for use with admin and front-end applications when necessary.

If this is your first unit, select device #1. Select #2 through #4 for additional units attached to the same computer. Any GP-Wiz49 Device number is appropriate for a computer with only one GP-Wiz49 connected to it.

* Midway, Atari, Happ and Williams are trademarks of their respective organizations and have no relationship to IDVT Inc. or GroovyGameGear.com
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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 12 May, 2005.
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