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RGB-Drive II™ Pushbutton Lighting module

Starting at: $3.50
Model: RGBDRV02
Shipping Weight: 0.02 lbs
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Configuration: Installed RGB LED, Resistors and 24" 4-conductor cable
RGB LED and Resistors ONLY! No Board or Wires. (-$2.15)
  140 Units in Stock
Manufactured by: IDVT Inc.
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If you would like to order the Electric ICE 2 Pushbuttons for use with these, please go to that product and place your order there. There are many more switch options than can be represented under this heading, and you get a special reduced price!

Another GroovyGameGear innovation!  And thanks to our new alliance with a prominent LED product manufacturer, we've improved the original with larger, color coded wiring and at a new lower price!  (photo to be updated shortly)

The RGB-Drive II™ pushbutton lighting module simplifies the bottom mounting and wiring of an RGB LED. Puts the light inside the button where it needs to be for maximum efficiency and output.  The wired option includes full 24" long, 26 gauge Color-Coded wires which greatly simplify connections to controllers by not requiring intermediate wiring.

Plugs right into the Electric ICE 2™ pushbuttons to enable color changing and lighting effects. Can also be used with most standard translucent pushbuttons with centered 5mm hole..

Does not interfere with normal pushbutton operation when properly installed.

Uses a special diffusion modified ULTRA-Bright RGB LED with specifications specially selected to maximize performance for "bottom-up" pushbutton lighting.

When used with the LED-Wiz™ and Electric ICE 2™ pushbuttons, the button can be made one of over 100,000 different colors.

Note: These modules are intended for use at 5v DC and consume 20ma per color for a total of 60ma when all 3 colors are at full intensity.

Wire Color Codes:

Black ---+5vDC Common Anode
Red -----Red Cathode (Ground)
Green --Green Cathode (Ground)
Blue ----Blue Cathode (Ground)

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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 20 January, 2006.
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