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TurboTwist 2™ Arcade Spinner Control

Starting at: $69.95
Model: TRBOTWST201
Shipping Weight: 0.90 lbs
Please Choose:
Configuration: Master (Includes Interface Board)
Slave (Must be ordered w/ Master) (-$7.00)   (-0.1 lbs)
Default Port & Cable Type:
USB Device Number:
(Premium Knob Styles Only)
Accu-Twist™ System:
Knob Style:
Stylish Red (No Charge)

(+0.07 lbs)

Black Dimple

Red Rubber

Black Rubber

Silver Dome (Special Price)
(+0.22 lbs)

Black Dome (Special Price)
(+0.22 lbs)

Blue Dome (Special Price)
(+0.22 lbs)

Purple Dome (Special Price)
(+0.22 lbs)

Silver Inset (Special Price)
(+0.22 lbs)

Black Inset (Special Price)
(+0.22 lbs)
Additional TurboTwist 2 Options:

Energy Storage Cylinder
(+0.3 lbs)

5" Mini-Racer™ Steering Wheel
(+0.75 lbs)

6" Mini-Racer™ Steering Wheel
(+1 lbs)

7" Mini-Racer™ Steering Wheel
(+1.5 lbs)
Special Offers: No Thanks!
Mouse Button Harness ($9.95 value) (+$3.95)
  9 Units in Stock
Manufactured by: IDVT Inc.
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GroovyGameGear was the first to bring you a high-resolution Arcade Spinner Control with the original TurboTwist™.

Now, we offer you the original "button-hole" spinner, the TurboTwist 2™.   The most amazing Arcade spinner ever invented, bar none.

We packed the highest-resolution of any Arcade spinner into the smallest and easiest-to-install package ever! It's also the most economical!


  • Installs in your panel just like a standard arcade pushbutton! Fits panels as thin as sheet metal and up to over 3/4" thick. No more screws or mounting templates.

  • 1200 transitions per revolution provides full coverage for any spinner or paddle game, including those demanding Arkanoid-style games. And it does it without gears!

  • Can be used with or without an optional rotational energy storage cylinder. Gives you a choice of near-zero "moment of inertia" or prolonged spin! Note: The ESC geometry has been designed and extensively playtested to provide excellent performance across all gaming genres. It does not hamper control through the excessive moment-of-inertia requirements that are often associated with spinners claiming "long spin times."

  • Full DUAL sealed-ball bearing design provides for maximum shaft stability.

  • TurboTwist 2 spinner body is precision CNC machined from a single piece of aircraft quality aluminum.

  • Top surface mounted so height-adjustments are a thing of the past!

  • Fully enclosed optical module protects high-tech components from dust and mishaps.

  • Standard 1/4" Alloy-steel shaft for the widest possible selection of spinner knobs.

  • Included special Opti-Wiz™ based board can operate up to 2 TurboTwist2 Spinners or 1 TurboTwist2 Spinner and virtually any Arcade trackball, such as our Groovy-TB trackball!  When used in the Spinner and Trackball configuration, both controls share the X-Axis, using our proprietary SMART-X™ Technology. The The Slave configuration wiring is pre-attached to the Master TurboTwist 2 interface (purchased separately) for always-active X and Y axes, allowing trouble free, "plug and play" operation, but negates the ability to use the trackball features of the interface.  

  • SMART-X™ uses intelligent algorithms and a simple user action  on the desired control to lock the X-axis to the spinner or trackball control in use, without worry of vibration or errant bumps of the inactive control causing play issues.  This means that you are able to have both a spinner and a trackball on your panel, without the need to purchase an additional trackball interface.  And, as both controls use the same axis, application configuration is much simplified.  This feature is transparent with only 1 or 2 spinners connected, which are always active at power-up on the X and Y axes respectively, and does not require any user interaction to disable.

  • USB HID compatible operation, with integrated Zero-BackSpin™ Technology, allows for perfect functionality on any USB capable system, and is not limited to only USB 2.0 based systems like some other spinner controls. Just plug and play!

  • Our new Stylish Red, shiny aluminum-shell, friction-fit (no holes) spinner knob is included free! (Note: this knob is not included when an upgrade knob is selected, as a discount is applied to those knobs)

  • Also suitable for any application requiring precision dial controls, such as a Scrub Control for digital media editors, CNC Machine Jog Control (MPG), Rotational measurement, etc.

  • USB or PS/2 Compatible. No additional drivers required.

  • Proudly designed and crafted in the USA. 

TurboTwist 2 Master Configuration


TurboTwist 2 Spinner Control
Opti-Wiz Interface (Specal Version)
Free Stylish Red or optional knob upgrade
19" Data / Power Cable, pre-attached to interface on X-Axis
6' USB Cable
Instruction Sheet

TurboTwist 2 Slave Configuration

NOTE:  Slave spinner configuration must be ordered with a TurboTwist 2 Master.


1 TurboTwist 2 Spinner Control
Free Stylish Red or optional knob upgrades
19" Data / Power Cables, pre-attached to Y Axis of  TurboTwist 2 Master interface (ordered separately)
Instruction Sheet


If operation as a spinner is desired and a lightweight knob is to be used, it is strongly recommended that the optional Energy Storage Cylinder (ESC) is purchased.

Accu-Twist option is compatible only with our Premium Aluminum knob styles.  If this option is selected with an incompatible knob type, it will be removed when the order is processed.

Mini-Racer Dimensions:

Grip Diam.

See this page for information and simple 3rd party software for setting higher poll rates which can help to achieve the highest possible accuracy on operating systems which do not properly honor USB hardware poll rate requests. This is totally optional and is not required for proper spinner functionality.

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This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 19 February, 2006.
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