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Model: KW40ST0001
Shipping Weight: 0.60 lbs
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Pro Wiring Set (See Description): No Wiring
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Manufactured by: IDVT Inc.
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Ready to order! New Uploader 3.0 software ~2 to 3 second upload speeds under XP is now available for download! Surface mount component version now shipping. Photos coming soon!

The KeyWiz40-ST™ comes with the same great High-Performance core features of the KeyWiz product line and utilizes industrial-quality terminal blocks.

This unit is designed to offer screw-terminal convenience at a reduced cost. It features an intuitive "1 Player per side" suggested connection layout, space saving SMD CPU and industry standard 3/16" mounting holes.

Fully compatible with simultaneously connected USB keyboards.

Standard KeyWiz Features:

  • 40 direct input lines. No Matrix means No Blocking, No Phantom Keys and no variable delays. All inputs are given equal priority and speed. If you see an interface with more claimed inputs than it has pins on the processor, it probably uses a messy matrix approach, which can cause ghosting and requires specially paired wiring. The KeyWiz uses a single common ground shared with every switch, for simple wiring and troubleshooting.
  • 12mhz Processor. Fast RISC based microcontroller. The proprietary KeyWiz firmware is coded in 100% pure Machine Language for blinding speed!
  • Custom, State-Based De-bounce Code. Keys are sent the moment the inputs have stabilized. No time delays!
  • The Shazaaam! Key. Like the shift key on a keyboard, the Shazaaam! Key lets 32 of your buttons have an alternate key assignment. The Shazaaam! Key does not take away an input, so all 40 inputs are always available for use. Another unique Shazaaam! feature is that, with an additional low-cost adapter, any switch can be modified to send a code from the alternate set with a single button press! This means you can have up to 32 additional switches for secondary functions, and still have all 40 normal inputs available for primary controls.
  • Fully Programmable. All 40 normal and 32 Shazaaam! key definitions can be configured through the custom codeset to suit your application.
  • Jumperless Operation. The Custom codeset can be uploaded at any time, with no re-configuration of the hardware required.
  • On-The-Fly Codeset Switching.  Just hold down the Shazaaam! Key and move control stick 1 left or right to seamlessly toggle between the default MAME compatible keycode assignments and the custom keycode set.
  • Whopping 56 Character Circular Buffer. Gives KeyWiz the highest reliability and maximum throughput capabilities without "stuck" or "missed" keys.
  • MAMETM  Ready Right-Out-Of-The-Box. By popular demand, the KeyWiz firmware-default codeset has been made compatible with MAME defaults and includes other useful regular and Shazaaam! Key definitions (Custom firmware-default keycode definitions can be supplied for specialized applications. Contact us for more information).
  • Fully Interrupt Driven. The key processing begins the instant activity is sensed on ANY input.
  • Full-featured Custom Codeset Management Software.  Completely mouse/trackball driven. One-click selection of any of 15 user definable codesets (40 normal and 32 Shazaaam! codes per). Codeset to be active after programming is user-selectable. Each KeyWiz codeset can have an application associated with it for automatic launching after programming.Command line options for autoprogramming / batch file operation. Screenshots

  • OS independant. The default MAME-compatible keycode definitions are stored in firmware and are available immediately upon power-up. This means KeyWiz can be used with any OS and requires no drivers. The PC thinks the KeyWiz is a standard PS/2 keyboard, but the KeyWiz knows that it is much better :).
  • Small Footprint. 1.55 x 4.43 inches. Large enough for easy connections, but small enough to mount just about anywhere.
  • Dual-layer PCB. Highest quality for durability and reliable operation.
  • 44 Screw Connection Points Available on the PCB. 40 inputs, 1 Shazaaam! (Shift), 2 Grounds and 1 +5v connection.
  • Completely PS/2 Port Powered.  No external power source necessary.
  • 6' PS/2 Cable Included
  • Proudly Designed, Developed and Manufactured in the USA. Inexpensive 2-3 day Priority Mail delivery to anywhere in the US.

Optional Pro Wiring Set Info:

GroovyGameGear now makes it simpler than ever to wire your control panel. No need to give up the security of industrial quality screw-down connections just to make things simple. The hard work is already done for you! Each wire set includes 10 pre-stripped, tinned and pre-assembled 24" long, 22ga. wires. and 1 pre-assembled ~84" Ground chain with 10 connectors spaced roughly 6" apart. These wires are ready to install and make panel wiring fast and simple. The extra length wiring over other similar kits allows for more layout flexibility, and can be used with no modification, or easily be trimmed down for a perfect fit. Each set is the equivalent of 20 fully insulated connectors, ~26' of 22ga. wire and about 30 minutes of labor. With up to 40 switches needing wiring for each interface, it's not difficult to see the value, in both time and cost, these kits can offer.

Documentation Links

The KeyWiz™ FAQ

Installation Documentation Sheet in PDF

KeyWiz Uploader 3.0 Documentation in PDF

Additional Advanced Wiring Techniques Page

Software Links

KeyWiz Uploader 3.0 - Super Fast Custom Codeset Uploading under 98SE/2000/XP
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