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Versa-Micro™ User-Adjustable Arcade Switches

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Manufactured by: IDVT Inc.
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Have you ever wished you could turn down the volume of the "clicking" sounds made by regular microswitches? Did you ever wish you could increase the sensitivity and get that "hair-trigger" performance of leaf switches from the old days?

GroovyGameGear.com has answered your wishes with it's latest arcade control innovation, the Versa-Micro™ User-Adjustable Arcade Switch. The only standard footprint microswitch to allow users to tune performance specifically to their gaming style and preference. The Versa-Micro can be set from standard microswitch performance, to dead silent leaf-switch like performance, and everything in-between!

Actuation can be dialed down to ultra-fast with virtually no reset travel, making ultra-fast cycling a reality for the first time ever in a standard microswitch based arcade pushbutton. Even the replacement of only the primary fire button switches on your panel with Versa-Micro switches will make those rapid-fire games more enjoyable.


  • Can be set for FAST actuation and provides excellent button sensitivity.
  • Can be set for extremely short "reset travel" for rapid fire capability
  • Specially engineered to allow advanced functionality with virtually all conventional microswitch-based arcade pushbuttons, including RGB-Drive™ outfitted Pushbuttons, NovaGem™ and other bottom lit Pushbuttons
  • Also works with Joysticks!
  • Problems related to loud clicking, long actuation/reset travel, dirty or mis-aligned contact points are a thing of the past!
  • Simple to adjust.
  • Standard .187" terminals.
  • Adjustment tool included free with purchase of 4 switches or more!

How to use:

Versa-Micro switches come adjusted at the beginning of their adjustment capabilities, which is not unlike the performance of a normal microswitch. Adjustments are made by inserting the adjustment tool (not included) into the recess at the top of the switch and turning clockwise in 1/8th turn increments, while clicking the actuator of the switch. As adjustments are made, an audible difference in sound can be heard, and a difference in actuation dynamics can be observed.

Caution: Do not over adjust the control of the switch. Doing so can irreversibly damage the internals of the switch. Adjust in no more than 1/8th turn increments and do not continue turning clockwise when the switch goes silent during actuation! For trouble-free operation, it is strongly recommended to leave the switch in a state where a very faint "click" is still audible during actuation.

Disclaimer: This switch is designed to be used at electronic signal levels (5v <.01 watts) for arcade control purposes only! Do not attempt to use this switch with household current, or any power levels capable of arcing, or producing heat of any kind at the contacts. No responsibility will be assumed by the manufacturer for issues arising from improper use.
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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 10 July, 2009.
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