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CLASSX™ Colors - BLUE - Leaf Switch Compatible Button

Starting at: $2.10
Shipping Weight: 0.07 lbs
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Switch Type: Standard Soft Touch™
Micro-Leaf™ Style (+$0.69)
True-Leaf Pro™ (+$1.49)
Versa-Micro™ User Adjustable Switch (+$1.49)
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Manufactured by: IDVT Inc.
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Another GroovyGameGear.com Exclusive! The CLASSX™ Standard Pushbutton is the latest in our new CLASSX™ pushbutton line, offering features never before seen on other arcade pushbuttons. We realize that lighted controls are not for everyone, and have answered the demand for a classic-style, opaque arcade pushbutton with premium switch options. It is currently the only button of it's kind designed and manufactured from the ground up to use multiple switch types with equal precision and accuracy, without requiring any adapters or external components. Including our custom designed True-Leaf Pro™ premium leaf switch.

NOTE: Be cautious of sellers offering import buttons with the word "leaf" in their name. The switches used in those buttons are like the ones found in computer keyboards, and are nothing like leaf switches used on arcade machines. The high-quality, Made in USA True-Leaf Pro™ switch alone costs more than those entire button and switch combos. Only the CLASSX™ buttons, with True-Leaf Pro™ switches by GroovyGameGear, offer the pinnacle of true, classic arcade leaf-switch feel, durability and tunability. The CLASSX™ button and True-Leaf Pro™ combination can be tuned by the user to provide anything from a normal resistance, down to less than 35g total actuation force, with a hair-trigger response and virtually zero reset distance, if so desired. Click here to see one customer's review which explains perfectly the benefits of using our CLASSX™ Pushbuttons fitted with our True-Leaf Pro™ switches.

Standard CLASSX™ Pushbutton features are:

  • Smooth, Precise Operation - No gaps between the plunger and the switch actuator provides fast, positive action.
  • Unique 2-piece design - Universal switch holder accepts Standard Micros, Micro-Leaf-style and even True Leaf switches!
  • Twist and Click switch assembly attachment allows for simpler installations. Wire switches outside the panel and simply snap them into place.
  • Improved Fingertip Retention - The CLASSX™ CONCAVE pushbutton strikes a perfect compromise between the early leaf buttons and the modern, flatter style.
  • Dense, classic colors. The same as those used in the original arcade machines
  • Extra long body for easy mounting into thick panels.
  • Improved Appearance - The CLASSX™ pushbutton sits slightly higher and sports a more rounded bezel to enhance the overall control panel appearance.
  • Super Durable Materials - With basic care, the CLASSX™ pushbutton is designed to last a lifetime.
  • Includes pushbutton nut.
  • Made in the USA!


Standard Soft-Touch™: A very smooth, quiet and low force microswitch (less than 20grams resistance!). A great choice for the budget minded

Micro-Leaf™ Style (Optional): Simply the lightest feel available. Virtually disappears under the pushbutton. Click the name for more info. (Note: Adapters shown on the stand alone product are not required for these buttons and are not included)

True-Leaf Pro™ (Optional): The absolute best option for the Arcade purist. Can be adjusted for hair-trigger response with amazing rapid fire capability.

Versa-Micro™ User Adjustable MicroSwitch (Optional): The only user-adjustable microswitch available anywhere. Click the name for more info.

Compatible Connectors: .187" Female Quick-Disconnect
Current Reviews: 1
This product was added to our catalog on Monday 10 January, 2011.
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