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Electric ICE 2-CX™ Convex Lightable Horizontal Pushbutton

Starting at: $2.75
Shipping Weight: 0.10 lbs
Please Choose:
Switch Type: Standard Soft Touch™
Micro-Leaf™ Style (+$0.69)
True-Leaf Pro™ (+$1.49)
Versa-Micro™ User Adjustable Switch (+$1.49)
Lighting Option: None
RGB-Drive II w/ 24" Color Coded Wires (+$2.95)   (+0.03 lbs)
Helio9™ High Output RGB w/24" Color Coded Wires (+$3.45)   (+0.04 lbs)
  16 Units in Stock
Manufactured by: IDVT Inc.
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Another GroovyGameGear.com Exclusive!   The Electric ICE 2-CX
Pushbutton is the first CONVEX plunger style of our revolutionary, new CLASSX pushbutton line, offering features never before seen on other arcade pushbuttons. Now being offered with our new RGB-Drive II ™ at a new lower price, and our new higher-output Helio9™ RGB Lighting unit!!

Standard CLASSX™ Pushbutton features are:
  • Smooth, Precise Operation - No gaps between the plunger and the switch actuator provides fast, positive action.
  • Unique 2-piece design - Universal switch holder accepts Standard Micros, Micro-Leaf-style and even True Leaf switches!
  • Twist and Click switch assembly attachment allows for simpler installations. Wire switches outside the panel and simply snap them into place.
  • Amazingly Smooth, Custom CONVEX Plunger  - The CLASSX™ CONVEX pushbutton provides precise action, and a great fingertip interaction.  Fighter Fans and Classic player alike, will love the appearance and playing experience of our new design.
  • Better Light Distribution (Illuminated versions only) - Redesigned plunger geometry allows more light to reach the bezel for better overall illumination.
  • Extra long body for easy mounting into thick panels.
  • Special mounting accommodations for RGB-Drive™ LED assemblies.  If the Helio9™ RGB Lighting option is selected, they will come pre-modified, if required based on the switch option chosen.
  • Improved Appearance - The CLASSX™ pushbutton sports a more rounded bezel to enhance the overall control panel appearance.
  • Super Durable Materials - With basic care, the CLASSX™ pushbutton is designed to last a lifetime.
  • Includes Premium Pushbutton Nut.

Electric ICE 2-CX
™ pushbuttons are our own custom design and are not simply based on an existing manufacturers design using a different color.  They have been custom made to our specifications and were designed to look and play great on your CP even when not illuminated.

When un-lit, they are a polished, neutral white button with all the classic arcade style you remember.

When lit, the entire button takes on the color of your bottom mounted high-output LED. The special material captures and diffuses all the light of the LED, sending vibrant color to not only the plunger, but the bezel as well. Even in a well lit room!
  • No light wasted on the ceiling or shining in your eyes
  • No multiple LEDs required just to light a single button
  • No special rings or other LED mounting gizmos required.
  • A great accessory for use with the LED-Wiz™ Lighting Controller


Standard Soft-Touch™: A smooth, quiet and low force microswitch. A great choice for the budget minded.

Micro-Leaf™ Style (Optional): Simply the lightest feel available. Virtually disappears under the pushbutton. Click the name for more info.

True-Leaf Pro™ (Optional): New high quality version with gold contacts and stacked body! True arcade quality and durability, and the best option for the arcade purist. Can be adjusted for hair-trigger response with amazing rapid fire capability.

Versa-Micro™ User Adjustable MicroSwitch (Optional): The only user-adjustable microswitch available anywhere. Click the name for more info.

Compatible Connectors: .187" Female Quick-Disconnect

RGB-Drive II™ and Helio9™ Wire Color Codes:

Black ---+5vDC Common Anode
Red -----Red Cathode (Ground)
Green --Green Cathode (Ground)
Blue ----Blue Cathode (Ground)

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This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 01 December, 2013.
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