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Dominux8™ Premium Leaf-Switch Joystick

Starting at: $46.95
Model: DMNX8JOY01
Shipping Weight: 0.75 lbs
Please Choose:
Shaft Length when shipped: Short (for metal or thin panels)
Long (for wood panels)
Restrictor Plate: None (Smooth Circular)
True 4-way Only (+$3.95)
Octo (Mildly Gated 8-way) (+$3.95)
Short-Throw Circular (+$3.95)
Ball Color:

Economy Red

Economy Black

Economy Pink

Economy Green

Economy White

Economy Black Bat

Economy Red Bat

Arcade Red

Golden Yellow

Warm Orange

Medium Green

Hunter Green

Deep Blue

Medium Violet

Midnight Slate

Bright White

Jouster Blue

Jouster Yellow

Pink ICE

UV Reactor™

Dark Crystal

Ruby Gemstone

Sapphire Gemstone

Emerald Gemstone

Amber Gemstone

  12 Units in Stock
Manufactured by: IDVT Inc.
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Another amazing GroovyGameGear.com exclusive!

Our Dominux8™ Premium Joystick is the first new joystick in decades to incorporate true arcade-quality leaf-switches and rubber encapsulated steel centering grommet!  We designed this joystick with all high-end components to satisfy even the most demanding of players and builders.  The height of the shaft may be easily changed by the end user, but we offer the option to pre-configure the height for you.  

If you are looking for a low-cost joystick and your project budget takes highest priority, then you'll probably want to check out our other offerings.  But serious players who gauge performance against a WICO leaf stick are likely to find the Dominux8 to be the new "one to beat".

Dominux8 Features:
  • New design, almost completely built from custom made or special order parts.
  • Amazingly smooth feel, quick actuation, rapid centering and silent operation when installed.
  • Standard US (WICO/Midway/HAPP/IL/X-Arcade) mounting pattern for easy installation on existing panels and arcade machines.
  • Two user adjustable height configurations for wood or metal panel compatibility:  Measured with optional Hand Candy™ ball top, the distance between the bottom surface of the panel and the top of the ball is as follows:  Long: 3.4"  /  Short: 2.78"
  • Large, solid stainless steel shaft for highest durability and longevity.
  • Standard 6mm threads for compatibility with all common ball and bat top options.
  • Gold-plated true arcade-quality leaf-switches provide for simple sensitivity adjustments.
  • True arcade quality and feel molded-rubber-on-steel centering grommet.
  • Mirror-finish, laser-cut black acrylic dust washer.
  • Reduced below-panel depth requirements when in the "Long" configuration..
  • Can be optionally ordered with pre-installed True 4-way or "Octo" 8-way restriction plates (fixed).

Ball and Bat Top Options:
Economy Grade - These are the standard thermo-injection molded balls and bats, which have seams.
Hand-Candy™ Premium Arcade Ball Tops - Seamless, ground and polished perfectly round. Incredible feel and durability. Offered at a $2 discount when purchased as a stick option.


Movement resistance in the "short" configuration will be somewhat higher than in the "long" configuration.  This is common to all joysticks with multiple height settings.  However, we have chosen the grommet properties to provide great feel and play in either configuration.

Item shown with the optional Hand Candy™ Ball Top.

The standard Dominux8 model allows for dust washer placement above, or below the panel.  If used with one of the restrictor options, the dust washer can be used above the panel, or, with the addition of ~1/8" spacers (not included), below the panel.

Connections: .187" for Female QD Compatibility.  Can also be soldered directly.
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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 13 October, 2014.
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